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Charter management

Charter management gives you the opportunity to buy a boat (new or second hand) with minimum investment and expenses.

Charter management is an agreement formula which produces an income and therefore can pay for itself. It gives sailing enthusiasts the chance to buy a sailing boat at a minimum cost while the income from the charters covers most of the expenses (moorage, maintenance, leasing).

Running costs are often a "sore point" considering the time actually available to enjoy sailing.

Charter Management is actually a system of sailing boat management in a broad sense. It is a form of investment which allows the owner to save on the purchase of a boat while taking advantage of the support of an experienced third party (Cagliari Sailing Charter) for the ordinary and unscheduled running of the boat. Furthermore, the sailing boat is available to the owner for a number of weeks a year.

We offer the following solutions:

Easy "Management" Sailing

We propose an investment of 45% - 55% of the value of the boat, the rest of the purchase will be borne by ourselves. The boat will be leased to third parties for seven years.

We will take care of your boat and bear all costs, including maintenance, moorage and insurance.

At the end of the seven year period the boat will be transferred to the investor without any added cost besides VAT and the cancellation of the registration.

During these 7 years the investor may use the boat or another of the same size at our bases for up to 4 weeks a year.

To take advantage of this service you will be kept informed and up-dated by our Booking team who will assist you in planning. In addition to the aforementioned 4 weeks you will be able to use the boat in any free week during the year.

Property "Management" Sailing

We propose an investment of 100% of the value of the boat. Ownership will be transferred to the investor immediately and its management will allow him to receive an annual yield of a variable percentage of between 8% and 13% of the investment itself.

The percentage varies depending on the number of charters booked during the season.

The purchase of the boat will be favoured by partnership agreements which allow the investor to benefit from extremely advantageous prices and conditions.

We will deal with the leasing for a period of between 5 and 7 years, taking care of the costs of moorage, maintenance and insurance. This solution gives you the chance to reserve your boat or any another boat of the same size at one of our bases. You may also choose your departure base.

At the end of the season you may also decide to withdraw your boat from our fleet or continue with the management agreement.

Partnership "Management" Sailing

By purchasing a new boat you can become one of our Partners. We will use your boat and give you the chance to be part of our commercial network.

With this solution all the moorage, maintenance and insurance costs shall be borne by the investor.

Your boat will be available to you during the year when and as you wish, but as a partner You will be able to earn 65% of the chartering sales your boat yields.

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